• Brennenstuhl 5 Extension Socket Black

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    Power Extension Cord  Features:

    • Extension cords are the best way to prevent cable chaos. One extension wire connected to an outlet and the other gadgets in one place makes the area seem organized.
    • A 5m cable is useful since it can be plugged into a socket and then carried to where power is needed.
    • Brennenstuhl Extension Cord reduces the possibility of tripping over harmful wires.
    • Saving money is a significant advantage of utilizing extension cords.
    • Have 5 power outlets, enabling you to use many gadgets at the same time, making them more handy and easy to use.
    • This Extension Cord is made of fire-resistant materials to protect you and your electronics.
    • Brennenstuhl Extension Cord designed appliance extension cable to be mountable, with mounting holes for installation, for ease of usage. As a result, it is readily mounted on a wall or table.
    • The Extension Cords have generously spaced sockets that won’t get in the way of each other, even when a big adaptor is plugged in.
    SKU: extension-cord-5-socket-3m-aramco-approved-kistenmacher-germany

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