• Industrial Scientific T40 Rattler H2S Hydrogen Sulfide Single

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    T40 Rattler H2S monitor features:

    • The T40 RattlerTM offers features often reserved for bigger multi-gas monitors, such as a large liquid crystal display (LCD), internal vibrating alarm, audible/visual alarms, and simple push-button control.
    • The T40 Rattler is a low-cost, maintenance-free single gas monitor designed to safeguard employees in harsh environments from deadly hydrogen sulphide or carbon monoxide gas exposure.
    • The monitor continually shows ambient CO or H2S measurements in PPM and notifies the user when gas quantities surpass the pre-defined low or high limits.
    • The T40 RattlerTM incorporates a proprietary flip-cap calibration adaptor and a peak/hold function that displays the highest measurement taken throughout a shift.
    • T40 Rattler H2S has more features like adjustable warning setpoints, calibration gas values, and a text-only display selectable by the user through a simple push button.
    • It uses only one “AA” battery (included) lasts up to 1,500 hours and has a two-year guarantee from the date of manufacturing.
    SKU: SP366898820

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