150lb Ansul Wheel Unit Abc

  150lb Ansul Wheel Unit Abc Features:

  • Robust, resilient, and dependable fire protection
  • Ergonomically designed to maximise operator productivity
  • Meets or exceeds ANSI/UL 299 and 711 requirements
  • Simple and secure procedure
  • Every moving element is readily accessible for inspections.
  • Field is rechargeable.

SAR 13,110.00


150lb Ansul Wheel Unit Abc Description:

D RED LINE Dry chemical fire extinguishers on wheels are designed to safeguard people and property in areas where large-scale fires are always a possibility. These industrial high-hazard fire extinguishers protect airports, loading piers, steel and iron mills, paint spray booths, dip and quench tanks, offshore platforms, loading racks, fuel storage, and heavy manufacturing areas. These heavy-duty wheeled units have larger extinguishing agent capacities than hand portable fire extinguishers, yet they are extremely mobile and can be operated by a single individual. Large steel wheels facilitate the unit’s movement to the source of the fire, while the rapid-opening valve option enables quick, one-step activation. Wheeled extinguishers are available with dry chemical or special dry agent granules to provide the highest level of protection against a variety of fire hazards.

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Discharge Time:      49 SEC

Optional Brackets:   NO

Range:         25 FT

ULC Approval:        Yes

ULC Rating:  30A240BC