3M Anti-Mist Welding Goggles, for Direct Protection


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3M Welding Goggles Features:

  • The welding shade 5 polycarbonate lenses The sealed design helps to protect against liquids, dust, gases, and vapours.
  • The 2895S safety goggles have a slim and modern design.
  • Our welding goggles’ anti-fog and anti-scratch lens give you the reassurance that your vision will not be impaired when working.
  • The goggles also have an adjustable strap for a secure and comfortable fit.
  • Protects against the high-speed impact of medium energy, only at room temperature.
  • The safety glasses for welding are Compatible and a good fit with 3M half-mask respirators.

SAR 86.70

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3M Welding Goggles Description:

The welding goggles are intended to protect the eyes from the heat and optical radiation generated by the welding process, such as ultraviolet light, sparks, and fine particles.

The 2895S safety goggles are shade 5. The shade number of a lens refers to the amount of darkness it provides and how effective it is at protecting eyes from intense light during arc welding. The shade numbers range from 2 to 14. (the higher the number the darker the lens).

3M welding goggles provide excellent comfort and safety to the operator, and are tested in accordance with the EN169:2002 transmittance requirements for welding filters.

3M Welding Goggles Specifications:

Brand 3M
Model 2895S
Frame Material Polycarbonate
Protection type Direct
Shade number 5
Anti-mist Yes
Anti-scratch Yes
Adjustable strap Yes


The 3M eyewear has polycarbonate lenses that have the highest impact level when tested in accordance with EN169:2002 and EN 166.

EN 166 and EN 169 are the European standard for Personal eye protection. Welding and related technique filters Requirements for transmission and recommended application

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