3M™ Ratchet Headgear H8A, 82501-00000

3M™ Ratchet Headgear H8A, 82501-00000 Features

  • Adaptable. Flexible and robust: Use this ratchet headgear with a variety of 3MTM Faceshields. Together, the adjustable suspension system and the strong, long-lasting thermoplastic crown combine to shield and protect your head from impacts.
  • Made with value and adaptability: Thanks to a special mechanism that lets you swap out safety face shields (separately supplied), our 3MTM Headgear is made to be extremely versatile.
  • Fit and comfort: The helmet may be adjusted to fit each wearer uniquely thanks to its ratchet mechanism and five-position crown strap.

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3M™ Ratchet Headgear H8A, 82501-00000 Features

  • Headgear assembly is designed to fit most hard hats and can be combined with 3M W-Series Faceshields.
  • Durable, versatile, and does not interfere with most cap-mounted earmuffs.
  • Meets ANSI Z87.1-2010 requirements. Requires protective eyewear, sold separately.
  •  Headgear system attaches to hard hat slots and gives users a wide choice of faceshield materials, sizes, shapes, and tints for task specific requirements.
  • Material: Aluminum and thermoplastic


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