3M™ Universal Headgear For Hard Hat H24M 82520-10000

3M™ Universal Headgear Features

  • Two position system locks shield up and out of place when not in use.
  • Does not interfere with cap mounted earmuffs.
  • Fits most cap-style hard hats.


3M™ Universal Headgear Description

The 3M™ Hard helmet Faceshield Holders are made to work with 3MTM Hard Hats, and they aid in firmly attaching a face shield to your hard helmet. Compliant with a range of 3M™-Series Faceshields designed to provide impact, splash, and/or radiant heat protection.

The Hard Hat made to fit either around the hard hat’s brim or in the 3M™ Hard Hat accessory slots to enable the use of 3MTM Hard Hat Attached Protective Earmuffs.

the 3M™ W-Series Faceshield is easily lifted by the employee when not in use and easily installed without the need for tools because to its design.

Complying with ANSI Z87.1 for Occupational and Educational Personal Eye and Face Protection Devices and ANSI Z89.1 for Industrial Head Protection, 3M™ Hard Hat Faceshield Holders are tested in tandem with 3MTM Hard Hats and Faceshields to guarantee that these systems function as intended.




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