Soft-faced Hammer, COMPO-CAST®


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Soft-faced Hammer Features:


  • The Stanley Hammer is made with a Uni-Cast™ construction of nonferrous materials that helps to eliminate sparking and won’t absorb liquids.
  • It doesn’t have any exposed metal on the head, face, or shaft.
  • A soft Face does not mar any equipment or surface.
  • A Dead blow feature prevents bounceback when striking hardened surfaces.
  • Has A steel reinforced handle which provides Strength and resistance to breaking on overstrike.


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Stanley STANDARD HEAD SOFT FACE HAMMER with weight 52 OZ from Saudi Supplier. It’s made of non-ferrous materials that doesn’t rust, high corrosion resistance, low density and non-magnetic. A dead blow hammer helps to minimize damage to the impacted surface, controlling and limiting striking force and minimizing rebound from the surface. The minimal rebound is beneficial in preventing unintentional damage to precise work, especially in confined spaces and in applications like maintenance on hydraulic cylinders

How to Use: 

  1. Work in a space with good ventilation to avoid any harm from the dust such as “power sanding, sawing, grinding, drilling”.
  2. Wear appropriate safety gear while working To reduce your exposure to these chemicals.
  3. Use dust masks that are designed to filter microscopic particles.


Since 1843 STANLEY® is the first name and is trusted worldwide for accuracy and dependability. Professional contractors have used STANLEY tools.

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