Anti-Vibe® sledgehammer


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Anti-Vibe® sledgehammer Features: 

  • The head features a Bullet nose style for 50% more concentrated striking force.
  • Shock absorbing collar helps to isolate vibrations to the hammerhead.
  • Epoxy bonded head for optimum striking power.
  • It comes with particle-dampened handles and a filled fiberglass core.
  • Anti-Vibe® grip reduces vibrations for comfort and control.
  • Over-molded high impact polypropylene jacket to add more durability and overstrike protection.
  • Compared to wooden handles, shatter-proof fiberglass handles are more durable.

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STANLEY FATMAX® Anti-Vibe® sledgehammer with a lightweight it’s World’s 1st particle dampened handles absorb vibration better than solid core handles. Added more power and durability by the rubber over-molded handle. The forged hammer head is entirely bonded to the handle for durability, and the rubber is long-lasting and non-slip. The bullet head profile, with a unique curved face that doubles the force delivered to the target, reduces effort and increases demolition performance. So, Add the sledgehammer to your cart to make your work easy and comfortable from Saudi Supplier.


Product specifications:

  • Brand: STANLEY
  • Handle type: Anti-Vibe
  • Head weight: 6 kg
  • Head length: 2-1\2 in
  • Overall length: 35 in – 889 mm



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