Alemite portable grease pump 9911-A1

    Alemite portable grease pump 9911-A1 Description:

 The first-class Alemite 9911-A1 complete grease pump is manufactured to satisfy the demands of handling and dispensing fluids.  Alemite Grease Pumps are primarily built to handle a variety of applications, fluid viscosities, and system pressures. The performance of the pump is engineered to be dependable and robust.

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 Alemite portable grease pump 9911-A1Features:

  • Alemite portable RAM pump is designed to operate quickly, quietly, and effectively.
  • Many grease pump models provide the essentials needed for quick, simple installation and setup.
  • The Alemite Pneumatic RAM Portable Grease Pumps motor gives the highest performance 3″ (76 mm) diameter air motor.
  • Flexible follower works with straight and tapered containers.
  • Alemite portable RAM pump meets OSHA noise requirements – 85 dB.
  • The pump is perfectly serviceable and durable.

About The Brand:

Alemite is a commercial and manufactured brand of portable grease pump 9911-A1. Alemite is a well-known brand for the essential industry products used in Manufacturing, construction, agriculture, automotive, pulp and paper, aircraft maintenance, marine, and mining. The brand is ISO/TS 16949:2016 certified and meets the stringent laboratory and field testing for performance and long life.

Also, Many of their products are compliant to REACH / RoHS. 


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Brand Name Alemite
Product number 9911-A1
Drum size 35 Ib/ 70 Ib Bulk
Material outlet 3/8 NPTF (f)
Pump ratio 50:1
Delivery per minute 4.5 IB (2.04 kg)
Follower 337665(2)/ 338802(2)
Bare Pump 9911-R1
Dolly: 393629 Dolly: 393629
Weight: 68 lb (31kg) Weight: 68 lb (31kg)



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