ALKHURAIJI Pure & Clean medical Distlled Water 5L

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ALKHURAIJI Pure & Clean  Distlled Water Features:

  • ALKHURAIJI Pure & Clean medical Distlled Water 5L. High quality Distilled medical water that is 100% clean is used in hospitals, medical centers, and hospitals.
  • Distilled water 5L removes any waste when it evaporates because it doesn’t contain any minerals. This makes it a great choice for cleaning, and it is often used in ultrasonic cleaners, steam cleaners, autoclaves, and for diluting chemicals.
  • The distillation process heats the pre-purified feed water to boiling, at which point the liquid evaporates and is condensed back into a liquid, separating dissolved solids from the water and destroying the majority of bacteria and viruses.
  • The remaining liquid is high-purity distilled water, which has numerous applications.
  • Distilled water is formally classified as a solvent and possesses some unique properties as a result of being almost completely depleted of minerals, which causes it to be in an unstable state and want to absorb anything soluble that comes into contact with it.

ALKHURAIJI Pure & Clean  Distlled Water Description:

Distilled water is produced to the highest quality standards through a multistage filtration procedure that includes distillation.

It  removes almost all contaminants, such as dissolved solids, and is capable of killing most bacteria and viruses that are present.

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Item volume 5 Liters
Unit count 5000 Milliliters
Package weight 1 Kilograms
Package Dimensions ‎20 x 20 x 20 cm; 1 Kilograms