Alpen HSS Sprint KM 19 Drill Bits Set


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 Alpen HSS Sprint Features:

  • Alpen KM 19 HSS Sprint delivers outstanding cutting efficiency for drilling alloyed carbon and plain steel.
  • It is perfect for use in hand-held applications.
  • The edges are razor-sharp even when dealing with bigger diameters, very little feed pressure is needed.
  • The sprint features ultra-high pliability, highest possible toughness, and best possible cutting performance.
  • Smaller diameters requires high level of fracture resistance providing low risk of damage due to high elasticity.
  • Alpen HSS Sprint gives Excellent drilling performance even in averse working conditions. 
  • It cuts drilling time by around a third due to the special design of the ALPEN carbide tip and the improved drill geometry. 
  • It boasts a threefold improvement in service life due to the use of high-quality HSS steel and a specific heat treatment procedure.

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The top-quality Alpen HSS Sprint KM 19 Drill Bits Set provides great results because it is not like the traditional metal drillers. Due to its extra sharp cutting edges and the partial hardening of the flute length, Alpen HSS Sprint KM advantages such as speed, flexibility and the high fracture resistance are great options for every worker. 

Alpen HSS Sprint Specifications:

Brand: ALPEN
Model: Sprint Master KM19
Country/Region of Manufacture: Austria
Material: Metal
Type:   Drill Bit
MPN: 0000810311100
Diameter   1mm – 10mm
Number of Items in Set:   19

About The Brand

Alpen is a worldwide leading provider for drilling tools such as metal, steel, masonry and wood drills. They ensure the highest standards of quality by using cutting-edge technology to continually enhance their goods.

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