Angle Grinder 180 mm|Superior cutting


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Angle Grinder Features: 

  • Simple to use and controllable, Due to its modest weight and compact size.
  • Excellent user safety is provided by the pro protective guard, which remains solid if the disk breaks.
  • Better material removal efficiency and overloading performance.
  • Motor cooling has been optimized to accommodate lengthy work periods.
  • Angle Grinder 180 mm is ideal for cutting metal, removing corrosion, and removing extra welding or mortar scraping.
  • Excellent technical plastic body that helps a lot while working in tight spaces.
  • The 3 meter length cable eliminates the requirement for an extension cord to access most workstations.
  • Its curved form makes handling convenient and easy for any size project.

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Angle Grinder 180 mm from Saudi Supplier is designed to make difficult work simpler by including practical features such as strong motors, ergonomic body designs, multi-position side handles, and, in most instances, a spindle lock for quick accessory swaps. It’s a long-lasting power tool with wheel thickness 6.6mm, for all of your surface sharpening, cutting small sections and finer detailing, and grinding needs.It is designed for longevity, power, and efficiency. 


Product specifications:

  • Brand: ES Industrial Systems Corps.
  • Model code: G307
  • Power source: Electric
  • Power input: 2,100W
  •  Load Speed/rated speed: 8500 min-1
  • light weight: 4.4kg
  • Cable length : 3 meters


How to Use:

  1. Should use protective tools to protect your hearing, lungs and eyes from dust.
  2. Check that the grinder is correctly mounted and that the bolts are tight.
  3. Keep the angle grinder against your direction so that sparks are thrown away.
  4. Allow the part you’re cutting to fall to the ground and then stop the tool.
  5. Wait a few minutes before touching the cutting part as it will be so hot to catch.


 ES Power Tools it’s a Korean company, and its performance and quality have been tested and proven in the market as an actual export to more than 20 countries.


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