Ansell AlphaTec® 39-122 Chemical Resistant gloves

Ansell AlphaTec gloves Features:

  • Sol-Knit gloves improved durability by reinforced nitrile composition that achieves ANSI level 4 abrasion resistance.
  • Provides heavy-duty mechanical and chemical protection for a wide range of work environments.
  • The reinforced nitrile provides Specialized protection and ensures light chemical defenses, with EN 374 Type B chemical resistance certification.
  • The AlphaTec gloves’ natural shape and interlock cotton liner ensure elevated and ultimate user comfort, with reduced perspiration features during work.
  • The curved, pre-flexed fingers and wing thumbs design of the AlphaTec 39-122 safety gloves help to reduce strain and hand fatigue.
  • Our gloves are in accordance with EU and FDA food handling regulations.
  • Superior dexterity and high levels of wet and dry grip ensure more safe handling in a variety of applications.

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Ansell AlphaTec gloves Description:

Ansell Alphatec gloves Previously known as: Sol-KnitTM 39-122, It’s a chemical-resistant gloves made of nitrile. Also constructed with a gauntlet cuff and rough leather. Our gloves offer a high level of comfort that makes it easy to put on and take off. These gloves are Strong mechanical performance and good chemical protection for a wide range of applications, such as Oil, fluids, and filter change. You can easily use it in applying finish to materials or products, and with equipment repair & maintenance. So, Sol-Knit® is the smart choice when you need a tough glove with chemical protection.

Ansell AlphaTec gloves Specifications:

  • Brand: Ansell
  • Product line: AlphaTec
  • Style number: 39-122
  • Grip design: Rough Finish
  • Color: Green
  • Material: Nitrile
  • Liner material: Interlock cotton
  • Length: 12 in \ 30.5 cm
  • Cuff Style: Gauntlet
  • Silicone Free: No

Product Certifications:

en407 certification for protective gloves

EN 407  is an international standard for any glove that protects against thermal hazards.

EN 388 - 2016 certification for protective gloves from ansell

EN 388: 2016 applies standards to various types of protective gloves providing mechanical risk protection in terms of physical problems caused by abrasion, blade cutting, puncture, or ripping. This standard also addresses the dangers of electrostatic discharge.

en iso 374-5 2016 for protective gloves

EN ISO 374-5 2016 provides the standards and testing methodologies for protective gloves designed to protect users from microorganisms or viruses.

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Ansell is one of the top safety solutions brands providing protective industrial and medical gloves.

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