Araldite 90-Minute AB Epoxy Adhesive

Araldite 90-Minute AB Epoxy Adhesive Description

The highly resistant, gap-filling Araldite AB epoxy used in Workplace, Industry and domestic.  High performance adhesive that characterized by Waterproof, chemical & heat resistant material .It has long service life and user-friendly. It glues the majority of substances to themselves or to one another, especially metal, glass, hard plastic, wood and ceramics.

SAR 1,173.00


How to apply:

 – Ensure that the surfaces to be joined are free of dust, corrosion, grime, and oil.

– For optimal adhesion, roughen lustrous, smooth surfaces.

— Expel equal quantities of Resin and Hardener

– Mix thoroughly and use within 90 minutes (if at ambient temperature of 18-24 °C).

– Spread mixture on both surfaces

– Assemble components and secure with clamps, adhesive, string, weight, etc. for a minimum of six hours.

After 12 hours, the newly bonded joint can be handled.


To avoid contamination, always replace the lid with one of the same colour.

Avoid eye and skin contact. Wash hands with soap and tepid water.

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Brand: Araldite

category: Epoxy adhesives

Packaging: (2 x 17ml)