BRADY Oil Only Mobile Container Spill Kit – SKO-240


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SKO-240 is a wheeled spill kit that comes in a polyethylene container with hinged lid. Designed for larger sized spills of oil and petroleum based liquids. Container is weather-resistant and protects the sorbents against dirt, moisture and damage. Hinged lid provides easy access to the products. Wheels allow excellent mobility indoors and outdoors.

SAR 2,331.34

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Order Reference SKO-240
Total Qty per Pack 1 Kit / Piece
Weight (kg) 33
Colour Yellow
Absorption Capacity (Ltrs) 234
Class Oil Only Sorbent
Format (IP) Spill Kit
Use Emergency spill response.
Includes 150 pads (41 cm x 51 cm), 6 socs (Ø 7.6 cm x 244 cm), 8 pillows (43 cm x 48 cm), 2 pair of gloves, 2 pair of goggles and 6 disposal bags.
RoHS Compliance Status Not applicable to this product
REACH SVHC Status Part does not contain an SVHC

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