ClassPro Top Mounted No-Frost Refrigerator


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ClassPro No-Frost Refrigerator Features :

  • A perfect frameless design gives a strong sense of wholeness that makes it simple but elegant.
  • Superior sturdy and long-lasting, with improved insulation effect.
  • High cooling from 4 sides, resulting in quick and consistent cooling.
  • With no frost, you can quickly take out the drawers and view what you need.
  • Has a feature resistant to all types of ice formation caused by moisture in the outside air.
  • Prevents the creation of smells from various foods stored in the refrigerator.
  • Automatically switches and manages the temperature and humidity level inside the refrigerator.
  • The reduction in humidity inside the refrigerator allows you to store food for a considerably longer time period.

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ClassPro No-Frost Refrigerator Description:

If you are looking for a new refrigerator for your home, you should consider the ClassPro Top Mounted No-Frost Refrigerator. Where the No Frost system provides remarkable convenience of use during normal refrigerator operation. 

No Frost refrigerators extract both the air and any humidity from the freezer chamber. As a result, the dampness freezes outside the freezer chamber. The freezer defrosts and evaporates the ice on a regular basis. The fan returns cold, dry air to the freezer chamber. This prevents ice from forming on the freezer’s interior or the items within.

ClassPro refrigerator with no frost system aids in the cleanliness of the refrigerator. Another benefit of this method is its energy efficiency; the frosted and iced cavity increases the amount of energy required to operate the fridge. 

ClassPro No-Frost Refrigerator Specifications:

Brand ClassPro
Color White
Capacity 14.4 Cu
Power Voltage 230V
Weight 78 kg
Width 70 cm
Height 168 cm
Frost Free Yes
Style Top Mount
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