Fibre Metal F300 Faceshield Headgear

Fibre-Metal F300 Headgear with 3 inches crown ratchet headband accommodates 8 inches X 11 1/2 inches windows and suits easily into spectacles with space for air circulation to avoid fogging. This free floating headgear resists heat and features a slot/pin mechanism with locking cams. The channel grip system mounts windows and grips them in place in a deep recessed channel to secure from dirt and debris.

73,48 SAR

Channel grip system
Slot/Pin mechanism with locking cams
Free floating headgear
Suspension can be removed to accommodate a range of Fiber-Metal attachment systems
Crowns made of advanced, heat-resistant Noryl® material
SEI certified to comply with current ANSI standards
Material Noryl
Brand Name High Performance
Head & Face Product Type Adapter
Meets ANSI Z87.1
Certified to SEI