Fluke 1664FC Multifunction Tester

Fluke 1664FC Multifunction Tester Features:

  • The Fluke 1664 FC Multifunction Installation Tester facilitates installation efficiency.
  • Examine the RCD type A-EV or RDC-DD DC protection devices at EV charging stations.
  • Prevent accidental appliance damage.
  • Auto Test shortens test duration
  • Save time and improve teamwork.
  • Includes a “Insulation Pre-test” that pauses the test when appliances are connected to the system.
  • Auto Test automatically executes seven installation tests in sequence with a single connection.
  • Through Fluke Connect Measurements, you can share test results in real-time via your smartphone.
  • Testing of 6 mA RDC-DD for EV charging stations.

SAR 8,540.00


Fluke 1664FC Multifunction Tester Describtion:

The 1664 FC places a great deal of testing power in your hands, allowing you to quickly and efficiently test to all local regulations, protect appliances, and share real-time test results via a smartphone.

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AC and DC Voltage Measurement Trms       Range: 500 V

Resolution: 0.1 V

Input impedance: 3.3 MΩ

Overload protection: 660 V rms

Continuity Testing (RLO)         Range (autoranging): 20 Ω/200 Ω/2000 Ω

Resolution: 0.01 Ω/0.1 Ω/1 Ω

Open circuit voltage: >4 V

Insulation Resistance Measurement (RISO)  Test voltages: 50/100/250/500/1000 V

Test voltage: 50 V, Insulation resistance range: 20 MΩ/50 MΩ, Test current: 1 mA at 50 kΩ

Test voltage: 100 V, Insulation resistance range: 20 MΩ/100 MΩ, Test current: 1 mA at 100 kΩ

Test voltage: 250 V, Insulation resistance range: 20 MΩ/200 MΩ, Test current: 1 mA at 250 kΩ

Test voltage: 500 V, Insulation resistance range: 20 MΩ/200 MΩ/500 MΩ, Test current: 1 mA at 500 kΩ

Test voltage: 1000 V, Insulation resistance range: 20 MΩ/200 MΩ/1000 MΩ, Test current: 1 mA at 1 MΩ

Insulation Safety Pretest  Requires to connect the tester to L, N and PE

Loop and Line Impedance (ZI)  Range: 10 Ω (Hi current mΩ mode)/20 Ω/200 Ω/2000 Ω

Resolution: 1 mΩ/ 0.01 Ω/ 0.1 Ω/1Ω

Prospective Earth Fault Current, PSC Test    Range: 1000 A/10 kA (50 kA)

Resolution: 1 A/0.1 kA

Computation: Prospective earth fault current (PEFC) or prospective short circuit current (PSC) determined by dividing measured mains voltage by measured loop (L-PE) resistance or line (L-N) resistance, respectively

RCD Testing, RCD Types Tested        RCD Type: AC (responds to AC)

General, no delay

Time delay

Responds to pulsed signal

Responds to smooth DC signal

RCD Trip Time Test (ΔT)         Current Settings (1000 mA type AC only. 700 mA maximum type A in VAR mode, VAR mode not available for type B)

10/30/100/300/500/1000 mA – VAR

10/30/100 mA

Multiplier: x½, x 1


Measurement range RCD type G:

310 ms

50 ms


Measurement range RCD type S:

510 ms

160 ms

RCD Trip Current Measurement/Ramp Test (I ΔN) Current range: 30 to 110% of RCD rated current (30 to 150% for Type A IΔN >10 mA)

Step size: 10% of IΔN (5% for Type B)

Dwell time type G: 300 ms/step

Dwell time type S: 500 ms/step

Measurement Accuracy: ±5%

Notes: 30 to 210% for Type A IΔN = 10mA, 20 to 210% for Type B


Specified trip current ranges (EN 61008-1):

50 to 100% for Type AC

35 to 140% for Type A (>10 mA)

35 to 200% for Type A (≤10 mA)

50 to 20 % for Type B

Earth Resistance Test (RE)        Range: 200 Ω/2000 Ω

Resolution: 0.1 Ω/1 Ω

Frequency: 128 Hz

Output voltage: 25 V

Phase Sequence Indicaton          Icon: Phase sequence indicator is active

Range: 100 to 500 V

Display: “1-2-3″: or “3-2-1″

Performance EC/EN61557-1 to IEC/EN61557-7 and IEC/EN61557-10

Overvoltage CAT III 500 V, CAT IV 300 V

Safety Complies with IEC/EN61010-1, UL61010, ANSI/ISA –s82.02.01 and CAN/CSA c22.2 No. 1010

Sealing         IP 40

Battery         1.5 V type AA (IEC LR6), 6 pcs

Dimensions  3.93 x 9.84 x 4.92″ (10 x 25 x 12.5 cm)

Weight         Approximately 2.86 lbs (1.3 kg) including batteries




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