FREGO Single Door Mini Refrigerator 3.2 CU FT

FREGO Mini Bar Refrigerator Features:

  • FREGO mini refrigerator is an excellent choice for small rooms or basic needs in companies or households.
  • A small refrigerator helps you save money, space, and electricity.
  • high-quality product with a stylish design at an affordable price.
  • Has automatic temperature controls that balance temperature and humidity.
  • Built-in door shelves that can be used to store cans or bottles.
  • Mini refrigerators provide more storage space, which is useful if you need to defrost your home’s refrigerator for example.


FREGO Mini Bar Refrigerator Description: 

The FREGO Mini single-door refrigerator boasts a defrost system as well as a powerful cooling system to keep food and beverages fresh for longer without the risk of frost. The reversible door contributes to its ease of use, and suitability for kitchen designs. 

FREGO Mini Bar Refrigerator Specefications: 

Brand Frego
Color White
Material Metal
Capecity 3.2 feet
Capacity (ltr) 90 ltr
Energy consumption 120 W

About The Brand:

FREGO has experienced remarkable growth year after year and has become one of the region’s most known brands in the air-conditioning and air-cooling business. The company’s goal is to supply high-quality products with elegant designs at cheap rates throughout the GCC and Middle East for household appliances and air conditioners.



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