Makita Grinding Disk


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Makita Grinding Disk Features:

  • The Makita grinding disc is used as angle grinders, petrol cutters, cutting and grinding metal, and masonry.
  • The cutting discs are used in most applications as they have various strengthened abrasives. 
  • The best cutting tools for making quick, precise cuts, notches, and slots.
  • The A30T Makita Metal Cutting, depressed center size is 125 x 3 x 22mm, A83602.
  • The cutting tool’s design has less noise and vibration for the best user experience and productivity.
  • The high-strength grinding disc is characterized by high efficiency and durability.  

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Makita cutting disc is A30T high-quality metal cutting disc with a depressed center. The metal cutting disc is manufactured by Makita, Japan. It is used for cutting aluminum, extrusions, welds, sections, trucking, and pipes. It is an excellent cutting disc for quick, finish cuts, notching, and slotting. 

Product Specifications:

Brand Name: Makita

Size: 125 x 3 x 22mm

Model: A83602

Wheel specifications: A30T

Material cut: metal

Tool/ Equipment Type: grinding disc

Abrasive Material: Aluminum Oxide

Quantity: 1

How to use Makita cutting disc:

  • For optimal results, Always refer to your tool’s instruction manual for details on how to utilize accessories.
  • Ensure that the cutting tool is appropriately protected. 

About the Brand

Makita brand logo

Makita is the brand of the grinding disc. It is the foremost manufacturer of power tools in the world with 100 years of experience. Makita products have been lauded the world over for both their performance and quality. Makita has been awarded the ISO-9001 Quality Management Systems Certification. 


ISO-9001 Quality Management Systems Certification.

ISO 9001 is an international standard that defines the criteria for a quality management system (QMS). The standard is used by organizations to show their capacity to consistently provide products and services that fulfil consumer and regulatory requirements.

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