Century High Temperature paint marker 12ml


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High-Temperature Marker Features:

  • The ink formulation fulfills or exceeds the criteria of GE Nuclear Energy, GE Aircraft Engines, and the US Energy Research and Development Administration (nuclear grade).
  • It may leave a mark on any surface, including metal, plastics, steel, ceramic, glass, and concrete.
  • Under harsh weather and heat, the marks do not fade or disappear.
  • It is ideal for use in the welding industry, aviation and marine industries, power plants, automobile companies, and oil and natural gas refineries.
  • It has an aluminum body filled with ink and a felt-tip with a valve action for smooth ink flow.
  • Markings are visible at temperatures ranging from 500 to 2000 degrees Celsius (930-2000 F).

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High-Temperature Marker Description:

Century’s Stainless Steel Marker is an industrial quality valve action paint marker that leaves permanent, weather-proof marks on steel, metals, alloys, plastics, glass, concrete, and other surfaces.

The marker pen ink has extremely small quantities of chloride, sulfur, low melting metals, and halogens, thus it will not contaminate or scratch the surface being marked.

Under bad weather conditions and heat, the marks do not fade or disappear. This paint marker is suitable for all surfaces and has a tip size of 2 MM and a marking length of 200 M.

High-Temperature Marker Specifications:

Brand Century
Available colors Black , Red, White , Yellow, Pink , Green, Blue , Orange
Tip size 2 mm
Marking length 200 m
Max mark temperature up to 500-2000 degree Celsius
Weight 0.035kg (35 g)
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Weight 0.035 kg

Black , Red, White , Yellow, Pink , Green, Blue , Orange



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