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  Kärcher HGH-PRESSURE WASHER HD 613 C Plus Description:

The cold water high-pressure cleaner HD 6/13 C Plus is small, light, and very flexible. It has great movement and can be used both vertically and horizontally. The machine has a smart place to store extra parts, and its brass cylinder head and automatic pressure release make it look like it will last a long time. It also stands out for its unique new features, which make the user’s work more comfortable by letting them work without getting tired and saving time when setting up and taking it down. The recoil force of the high-pressure jet is used by the EASY!Force high-pressure gun to make the holding force equal to zero. The EASY!Lock quick-release couplings allow handling that is five times faster than traditional screw connections, without sacrificing durability or life. An all-in-one set of tools that makes sense and works well, with a high level of comfort and a long life.


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  Kärcher HGH-PRESSURE WASHER HD 613 C Plus Features:

The cold water high-pressure cleaner HD 6/13 C Plus for vertical and horizontal operation is portable, mobile, and versatile. With accessory stowage, cylinder head made of brass, and automatic pressure relief.

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Supply voltage (Ph/V/Hz)         1 / 230 / 50

Flow rate (l/h)        590

Inlet temperature (°C)      60

Working pressure (bar/MPa)      130 / 13

Max. pressure (bar/MPa) 190 / 19

Connected load (kW)      2,9

Power cable (m)    5

Nozzle size (mm)  38

Water inlet   3/4″

Weight (with accessories) (kg)  28,8

Weight incl. packaging (kg)      31,2

Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm)  380 x 360 x 930