Mechanix Wear 700 Series Knee Pads

Mechanix Wear  Knee Pads Description:

The 700 Series Knee Pads have foam that is already shaped to fit your knees and actively absorbs impact when you hit the ground. The knee pads are made of tough Armortex® and Kevlar® threading that can protect against punctures and wear from things like concrete and gravel. Patterning and putting together each knee pad with a computer make sure it fits well. Dual neoprene leg straps that stretch and a non-slip laminate keep each pad on your leg without making it hard to move.

SAR 65.00 SAR 176.00


Mechanix Wear  Knee Pads Features:

  1. The Armortex® knee pad can handle rough surfaces like gravel and concrete.
  2. Each knee pad is held together by yellow Kevlar® stitching.
  3. The design of the pre-curved foam cradles your knees and absorbs shock when you hit the ground.
  4. Knees are protected by compression-molded foam that soaks up shock.
  5. Stretch-Neoprene leg straps with hook-and-loop fasteners that can hold up in an industrial setting keep each pad securely on your knees.
  6. Washable by machine.

Intended Uses:

  • Automotive
  • Racing
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Assembly
  • Flooring
  • Roofing

Mechanix Wear  Knee Pads Specifications:

Brand Mechanix Wear
Age Range (Description) Adult
Color Black
Material Foam
Closure Type Hook and Loop


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Black, Yellow


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