Mechanix Wear KHD Cut Resistant Gloves

Mechanix Wear KHD Features: 

  • High-Performance protective gloves against impact injuries and abrasions while working.
  • Coating with double-dipped nitrile on the palm to resist abrasions and provides a firm grip on greasy, dry, and oily items. 
  • Nitrile coating increases the lifespan of Mechanix KHD gloves.
  • The gloves have a quick dry and wet grip while dealing with oily conditions.
  •  Ideal for long hours of work and hard tasks as well as highly breathable design, so you keep your hands safe and comfortable
  • The palm is machine washable.
  • Lightweight design and outstanding dexterity for accurate handling.
  • Highly protected with thick TPR that has excellent physical properties and offers multi-features such as flexibility, reusability, and recyclability.

SAR 65.00 SAR 120.00


Mechanix Wear KHD Description:

Mechanix Wear® KHD, an impact-resistant glove from Saudi Supplier, the gloves tested over ten times on the back of the hand and the fingers to make sure you’ll get a high-performance level, So, it’s compliant with the ANSI standards on impact level 2 and cut level 5, which make you safer in hazardous work. These safety gloves help you avoid aches and pains. Add it to your Cart now to keep your hand safe and comfortable.

How to Use:

    1. Put your gloves on with clean hands.
    2. Look at the pictograms that are printed on the package.
    3. After use, clean the gloves thoroughly with a dry cloth to remove any contaminants to avoid irritation or infections.
    4. Store the gloves in their original packaging to keep them in a cool and dry place

Product Certificate:

Extreme cut-resistance and protection with ANSI/ISEA impact-level 2 certified from heavy equipment, demolition work, and forestry.


ANSI/ISEA A5 cut-level certificate against light to heavy cut hazards from light glass, ram materials, recycling materials, metal stamping, and fabrication.




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  • Brand: Mechanix Wear
  • Size available: M-L-XL.
  • Material: Plastic Rubber.
  • Palm Material: Nitrile
  • Gloves Type: full fingers
  • Washable
  • Water and cut Resistance


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