VGA to HDMI CABLE Features: 

  • The VGA to HDMI CABLE 1.8 M is easily used as it can install in seconds and does not need drivers’ Conversion.
  • The converter assists in creating a quick, easy, and practical connection between HDMI devices and VGA monitors, projectors, and other display devices.
  • Support for 30 formats and full-size 1080P high-definition resolution.
  • Define the 30 most popular formats and resolutions, from basic resolution to dual-channel 1080p.
  • An additional USB port for the power supply to ease and speed your connection, also make you enjoy high-quality audio.
  • It has a built-in VGA & USB Audio cable and can convert VGA & Audio into a full HDMI stream.
  • An uncomplicated way to connect your MacBook or Ultrabook to a projector or monitor.
  • the VGA to HDMI CABLE 1.8 M has a Micro-USB port In case more power is needed. 


VGA to HDMI CABLE Description: 

Now you can easily connect two devices with Best VGA to HDMI cable from Microsmart, with a cable length up to 1.8-meter. The low-power cable is  reasonably priced, and its dependable solution help users transition to HDMI bandwidths, resolutions, Deep Color, and more without having to shell out money for more recent and expensive displays and projectors.

Its integrated, all-in-one design aids in the achievement of a compact, integrated solution that gets rid of extra connections, tangles, and clutter to keep installations and workspaces tidy and organized.

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