MOLYKOTE® 44 Medium High Temperature Grease

MOLYKOTE® Greases Features: 

  • Resistance to oxidation, dampness, and corrosive environments.
  • Molykote® 44 High Temperature Grease: -40 to 400°F (-40 to 204°C).
  • Compatible with many plastics.
  • Use with:
    • Kiln preheater fans, oven fans, radiator cooling fans
    • Textile slashers and driers
    • Aircraft engine
    • Conveyor systems

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MOLYKOTE® Greases Description: 

Molykote 44 grease is resistant to oxidation, dampness, and corrosive atmospheres and may be used at high to low temperatures for bearings, plastics, and rubber components. The service temperature range for this phenyl-methyl silicone-bearing grease is -40°C to 204°C. 

These greases are used to lubricate plastic gears, bearings, and cams, as well as metal and rubber components, and do not soften or harm most plastics. Due to the minimal torque needs.

MOLYKOTE® Greases Specifications: 

Color Off White
Thickener  Lithium Soap
Material Silicone
Service Temperature2 Degrees C -40 to 204 C (-40 to 400 F)
Weight 1kg
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Weight 1 kg



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