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Monin Vanilla Syrup Features:

  • MONIN Vanilla Sugar-Free is made with artificial sweetener ” sucralose”, a zero-calorie sweetener.
  • It provides a sweet feeling without the typical metallic aftertaste common with other sweeteners.
  • MONIN Vanilla Syrup offers a rich, decadent flavor to all coffee and hot beverage applications.
  • There are many uses for vanilla syrup, which is versatile and simple to prepare.
  • The Monin syrup flavor will mix nicely into the drink, leaving no gritty texture or weird taste.
  • Monin Vanilla Syrup is vegan, gluten-free, has no artificial chemicals, flavors, colors, preservatives, or sweeteners.
  • It is safe for all (children, pregnant women, diabetics).

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Monin Vanilla Syrup Description:

Monin syrup is more concentrated than any other syrup, so you may use less product per serving while still getting a powerful taste in your coffee beverages. Monin has 96 syrup variations, including 10 sugar-free syrups and a range of syrups packed in PET bottles. Our Vanilla Syrup is one of the most popular syrups for adding high-quality, rich flavor to beverages and sweets. This popular, adaptable taste adds gentle warmth to a wide range of drinks.

MONIN Vanilla syrup is an outstanding, premium flavor that is based on only the best pure vanilla extract from Madagascar, which is perhaps why it is one of the top three coffee flavors. Vanilla is a traditional ingredient obtained from orchids that are extensively used in baking and sweets due to its clean, delicate flavor.

Monin Vanilla Syrup Specifications:

Brand Monin
Product line Syrup
Packaging Glass bottle
Capacity  1Ltr per bottle – 6 bottles in the pack
Ingredients Pure Cane Sugar


Natural Flavors

Natural Vanilla Extract.

Product Dimensions ‎9 x 9 x 33 cm; 1.97 Kilograms
Storage In a  cool and dry place

About the Brand:

Monin has been making syrups and sauces since 1912. Monin’s components are award-winning. Since 1900, Monin has created gourmet flavors for hotels, restaurants, cafés, and pubs. Their products are used in cocktails, coffee, frappes, and baked goods. Monin’s over 100 gourmet syrups are unmatched in quality and dedication.


How to use:

  1. Generally, 15 ml should be added to your drink.

“When making modifications, consider the sugar content of other drinks as well as your tastes.”

  1. A tester is not necessary if you measure the syrup with a spoon since a spoonful is about 5ml.

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Dimensions 9 × 9 × 33 cm



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