MUELLER OS&Y Resilient Wedge Gate Valve


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Mueller gate valve Features:

  • OS&Y gate valve is used to regulate the flow of water to fire sprinkler systems.
  • The outside and interior are both coated with a superior fusion-bonded (thermosetting) powder epoxy that is nominally 10 mils thick.
  • Flats cast into the bottom of the valve body let it stand up straight when it’s being stored or put in place.
  • Mueller’s design has two thrust washers and has consistently shown to be stronger than cast stems.
  • Offers an exceptional level of bonnet sealing (4″ – 12″ sizes).
  • Mueller OS&Y Gate Valve provides a bearing surface between the enclosed wedge and the inner epoxy coating, minimizing operating torque and improving valve service life.
  • The waterway’s bottom has no grooves or recesses which could gather silt or debris and weaken the seal.
  • Mueller a2361 allows for full-sized shell cutters to be used with plenty of room during tapping operations.

SAR 2,381.65

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Mueller gate valve Description:

Instead of being used to regulate the flow of liquids, gate valves are used to completely block the flow of the liquid. The conventional gate valve, when completely open, presents no blockage in the flow route, which results in relatively little resistance to the passage of fluid.

OS&Y Resilient Wedge Gate Valve brings the most recent technological advancements and over a century’s worth of technical experience to your water system. They were developed to meet or surpass the criteria set out by AWWA and ANSI, which have been acknowledged as pioneering and authoritative standards for many years.

The Resilient Wedge Gate Valve has a ductile iron core that is enclosed within, making it more resistant to pressure fluctuations and surges. This hassle-free layout ensures a watertight seal for reliable, long-lasting performance.

Mueller gate valve Specifications:

Brand Mueller
Model R-2361
Class 125/150
Material Ductile Iron
Color  Red
Coating Material Epoxy
Pressure 350 PSI
Approvals AWWA / UL / FM


ANSI / NSF 61 & 372 provides regulations that regulate the amount of lead that may be present in water-contact products for drinking water and the amount of lead that can be present in drinking water.



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