Parker Autoclave 20fx6666

Parker Autoclave 20fx6666 Features:

  • All valves and connections for autoclaves are supplied with the appropriate glands and collars. To order these components individually, use the indicated order numbers. When using a plug, a harness is unnecessary.
  • Use Autoclave Engineers tubing to secure a proper fit.ll measurements are indicative and subject to change. Autoclave supplies certain products for prompt service. Consult your representative in your area.
  • Our standard terms and conditions of sale, including our liability limitations, apply to all transactions.

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Connection Type SF375CX

Outside Diameter Tube 9.53 mm 3/8 in

Pressure Rating 20000 psi 1378.93 bar

Minimum Opening 0.219 in 5.56 mm

A – Typical Hex 0.75 in 19.05 mm

B – Width 1.75 in 44.45 mm

C – Length 0.44 in 11.1 mm

D – Typical Hex 0.62 in 15.75 mm

Tubing Engagement Depth 0.69 in 17.6 mm