Roller Chain for Offshore Unit

Roller Chain Description:

The top-ranking #40 roller chain is a premium ANSI 40 chain that conforms to ANSI B29.1 specifications for dimensions. The fundamental function of a roller chain is to transmit mechanical power to the utmost degree possible. The Premier Series roller chain selection sets the standard for this degree by providing superior strength, performance, and precision. This chain is constructed with high-strength premium-grade steel, high-precision components that have been individually heat-treated, shot-peened, and inspected for quality assurance, and then assembled with precision rivets.

SAR 5,775.30


Roller Chain Features:

  • Solid, high-strength, heat-treated rollers to preserve the cylinder shape of the roller over time and optimise chain performance.
  • Cold-Forged Solid Bushings are manufactured to exact roundness for superior strength and performance compared to the conventional split-bushing design.
  • Heat-Treated Parts, like pins, are stronger and have harder surfaces, which makes them last longer.
  • Shot-Peened Components to reduce tension concentrations and enhance durability.
  • Wide-Waste Side-Plates for increased fatigue resistance and progressive elongation reduction.
  • Factory Preloading is the final step that significantly reduces stretch and ensures correct alignment of all components.
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Brand:                    BGN Bearings

Material:      Carbon steel

tuft type       Single

tensile strength        3205 lbs

Product Dimensions : 20.32 x 2.54 x 20.32 cm; 1.88 kilograms