Safety Dry brow Sweatband for Safety Helmet, Elastic Band, One Size


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Features a blue sanitized sponge which has a special sanitary treatment to reduce the possibility of skin irritation. Worker dips in cool water, squeezes, and places on forehead. Soft cool blue sanitized sponge quickly absorbs perspiration from trickling down the brow into eyes or onto glasses. Stays firmly in place. Reinforced with medical gauze to prevent tearing.

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When your workers are in hot, humid environments, you need Jackson Safety Drybrow AA-100 Sweatbands. They help your team stay cool and keep perspiration from getting into eyes. The sweatbands are made of a soft cotton pad tucked between layers of sponge for absorbency and comfort. 25 sweatbands per bag.

  • 14″ durable elastic band is one size fits most
  • Replace as needed
  • Cotton pad between layers of cellulose sponge for durability and absorbency
  • Cool and comfortable solution for hot, humid workplaces
  • Soft cellulose and cotton to absorb perspiration
  •  25 sweatbands per bag.
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