ShockWatch 2 – 50G – Red – Serialized, Includes Framing Label – 10 Ct

ShockWatch 2 – 50G – Red – Serialized Description:

ShockWatch 2 Impact Indicators 50G prevent damage during shipping by telling people who are handling the package to be careful and that it is being watched for any signs of bad handling.

It has been shown that these signs can cut damage by up to 60%.  They show when goods might have been handled wrong.  They can’t be changed and are turned on by impact, which makes them turn bright red.

SAR 13,386.00


ShockWatch 2 – 50G – Red – Serialized Features:

  • The Shockwatch 2 impact markers are made to show if fragile items have been dropped while being moved or stored. The Shockwatch Tilt gauge was followed by the Shockwatch 2.
  • The impact indicators are devices that can’t be changed. When an impact over a certain level or G Force has happened, they turn bright red. Each ShockWatch 2 sign has its own unique number so that it can be tracked.
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