SPILL-X-A Acid Neutralizing


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Solidifying Acid Neutralizer Kit, Neutralizes Acids, Granular, 50 lb

Specifically formulated neutralizers absorb acid, caustic, solvent and formaldehyde spills by neutralizing and solidifying.

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SPILL-X-A agent is a proprietary product comprised of magnesium oxide blended with other chemical additives.
Manufactured to meet rigorous specifications, the agent is a free-flowing dry chemical which is itself environmentally nontoxic. SPILL-X-A agent has a reddish coloration to differentiate it from other spill control compounds.
Because all SPILL-X brand agents are formulated for chemical spill treatment, predictable and effective control of your hazard – ous spills is now possible. Specifically, when properly used,
SPILL-X-A agent changes the pH of a hazardous acid spill so it no longer exhibits the Environmental Protection Agency char – acteristic of corrosivity for hazardous waste; a pH less than or equal to 2 or greater than or equal to 12.5.
Disposal of spill waste material must meet local, state and federal regulations.
Sealed in moisture-resistant plastic pails, SPILL-X-A agent has an indefinite shelf life. For maximum readiness, SC-30-A SPILL -GUN applicators, charged with SPILL-X-A agent, are
designed to be weather and corrosion resistant and remain operable over a temperature range from –65 °F (–54 °C) to 120 °F (49 °C).

Single-step agent application
Renders neutral salt for clean-up and disposal
Free-flowing agent can be applied directly from pail, shaker, drum, or with SPILL -GUN applicator
Easy open pail cover makes tools unnecessary and reduces spill response time
Complete instructions with pictograms guide the user from start to finish during spill clean-up
Instructions include application list of field tested chemicals
Application rates for the most common acid spills included in the instructions

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