Stainless Steel Grating, SS 316

SS316 stainless steel grate Features:

  • #316 stainless steel grating with 1-1/2″ x 1/8″ bearing bars at 1-3/16″ o.c. (19 – SGSS-4) 36″ wide x 24′ long.
  • #316 stainless steel grating with 1″ x 3/16″ bearing bars at 1-3/16″ o.c. (19 – SGSS-4) 36″ wide x 24′ long.
  • #316 saddle clips for the grating.
  • Grating to be swaged.
  • Grating to have a mill finish.
  • All grating to have a smooth top


SAR 6,210.00


Grating type: Flooring grate,4′ x 8′, 316l ss, pitch 25m
Grating, type: Flooring panels,4′ x 8′, 316l ss, pitch 25mm x 100mm x 5mm serrated,astm standard
Clip: grating, 316l ss, w/m 12mm mild steel bolt, nut and washer

Bearing bar 32mm x 5mm serrated open end
Cross bar 6.5mm round bar
Bearing bar pitch 30.16mm
Cross bar pitch 101.6mm
Surface : self colour
Panel size 6096mm x 910mm, 30’ x 28’
Tolerance : Height 0.5mm, thickness 0.3mm

Panel size: length= 2750mm, panel width= 1000mm.
Type of grating: Press-locked stainless steel flat bar grating.
Bearing bars size: flat bars= 8mm/thickness x 40mm/ width
Size of the square opening from inside on all sides: 40mm x 40mm
Clear opening : 40mm x 40mm
Bearing bar depth : 40mm.
Without structural supports.