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Stanley Powerlock Features: 

  • Stanley tape measure comes with Auto-locking which makes it hold when it is extended to 30ft.
  • High-impact Durable case with non-slip rubber.
  • The whole tape blade is covered with Corrosion Resistant material.
  • The tape blade is coated with polyester to maximize durability and extend tape life.
  • Designed with a curved “concave design” that makes the blade stand out while measuring, which helps you to read the measurement accurately.
  • Easy to read, as it has a large font number and wide blade. 
  • It comes with a hook at the end of the tape, which is useful for measuring hard surfaces like tables.

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Stanley PowerLock Tape Measure from Saudi Supplier with 30 feet length and 1-inch width. The tape measure is made of steel and the case is made of durable plastic in black and yellow color. It’s the first auto lock tape with a mechanism that controls the blade securely until you release it. So, to increase your work and productivity, Add STANLEY FATMAX 30 to your cart—made in a small size to be portable. 

Product specifications:

  • Brand: STANLEY
  • Blade length: 30 feet
  • Item weight: 1 pound
  • Material: Steel – Plastic

How to Use:

  1. Catch or push the hook into one side of the item you’re measuring.
  2. Stretch your tape over your item until it reaches the required length/measurement.
  3. Try to keep the tape as straight as possible.
  4. Use the powerlock to lock tape to not retract.
  5. Mark\Write your tape reading.




STANLEY is the first name in tape measures and is trusted worldwide for accuracy and dependability.

Stanley has a name and a long history since 1843, It is the world’s number one and most trusted manufacturer of precision and reliability professional tools.


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