Honeywell Bilsom 303/304 Uncorded Earplug

Bilsom Uncorded Earplug Features: 

  • Our Earplug is Made of a soft polyurethane foam that expands gently in the ear canal and reduces the tendency to back out of the ear canal.
  • Less expansion pressure promotes a more comfortable seal and wears more smoothly over time than other foam earplugs.
  • Promote proper hygiene with Smooth, soil-resistant skin that prevents dirt build-up.
  • Bilsom Earplug comes with a tapered bullet-shaped design easier to roll down and insert, and it fits the curvature of the ear canal more evenly.
  • Ideal for medium to high noise levels.
  • Available in different sizes for best fit and protection, ensuring a proper fit for a wide range of users.

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HONEYWELL Earplug Bilsom Description:

Your hearing always needs high protection especially if you work in a noisy environment. So, for Effective hearing protection, all you need is Our “Bilsom 303\304 disposable Earplug”, These earplugs are a cost-effective alternative for work environments that need a high level of comfort, frequent changes, or where hygiene standards prevent reuse. it’s a Disposable earplug that provides fast, simple protection against a different environment with high- noise and invasive noise, such as construction, metal fabrication, Pharmaceutical, and factory production. Get yours now from Saudi Supplier.

HONEYWELL Earplug Bilsom Specifications:

Brand Honeywell
Color yellow\white
Shape bullet
Available sizes Regular\ Small
Material Polyurethane Foam
Cord Uncorded
SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio) 33
SLC80(Sound Level Conversion) 22 dB / Class 4

How to Use:

  1. With your (Clean) hands, roll the earplug in your ear into the smallest, crease-free cylinder possible.
  2. Try to insert the earplug well inside your ear canal with your free hand by pull your ear up and down.
  3. To remove the earplug, softly twist it while slowly pulling it outward.


The European Union’s Personal Protective Equipment Directive 89/686/EEC harmonizes the terms for marketing and distribution of Personal Protective Equipment. This standard provides the general requirements and tests for the design and manufacture of the Earplug, including water penetration resistance, safety, and comfort. Download the Bilsom Earplug certificate.

About The Brand

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Honeywell has a wide selection of noise-canceling earplugs that provide greater comfort and a genuinely personalized fit for all-day use and relaxation. Honeywell ear plugs give employees in various sectors protection and wear confidence, from single-use earplugs to the reusable SmartFit and TrustFit Pod. Reduce noise dangers to safe levels by wearing comfortable, well-fitting earplugs.

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