Ventis MX4 Oxygen (O2) Sensor

SAR 977.50 SAR 1,000.00


Oxygen sensor replacement for the Industrial Scientific Ventis MX4 (Part Number: 17134461) 18-month manufacturer warranty.

The oxygen sensor in the Ventis MX4 gas detector detects the concentration of oxygen in the air via an electrochemical reaction. Two electrodes are separated by an electrolyte in the sensor, which generates a voltage proportional to the oxygen concentration in the air.

When oxygen comes in contact with a sensor, it reacts with the electrolyte to produce a chemical reaction that generates a measurable electrical signal. The device then processes and converts this signal into a concentration reading that is displayed on the screen.

Electrochemical sensors have the advantage of being highly specific and selective for the gas they are designed to detect. This means that the oxygen sensor used in the Ventis MX4 can accurately measure the oxygen concentration in the air, even when other gases are present.

Long lifespan and high selectivity make the sensor a dependable instrument for monitoring oxygen levels in a variety of environments. This is essential in applications where oxygen levels must be closely monitored to ensure worker safety, such as industrial settings and emergency response situations.

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