Flammable Material Storage Cabinet COSHH

Flammable Storage Cabinet COSHH Features:

  • Strong steel COSHH cabinet for storing and separating flammable goods.
  • Durable 0.9mm thick steel engineered to keep its integrity throughout the first few minutes of fire exposure.
  • The secure 2-point lock with a chrome handle only access is restricted to authorized staff.
  • Spills are directed into a liquid-tight sump tray through three perforated 100kg capacity shelves.
  • Flammable Substance COSHH Storage Cabinets come at 80mm deep detachable sump tray for spill control.
  • To avoid leaking at ground level, the base is completely sealed by spot welding.
  • Adjustable shelf trays to fit various storage container sizes.
  • COSHH Flammable Storage Cabinet has two keys that are provided to securely lock the flammable chemical cabinet while not in use.
  • Coshh cabinets for hazardous & flammable substances covered with yellow epoxy powder coating for high visibility.

SAR 3,172.00


Flammable Storage Cabinet COSHH Description:

Instead of storing hazardous materials on an exposed shelf, A flammable cabinet is designed to safely store potentially flammable or combustible liquids, allowing you to store it safely to prevent fires and smothering flames. 

Flammable cabinets are built to survive a 10-minute fire test. But the cabinet doors must stay closed throughout the test, and the inside temperature of the cabinet must not exceed 325oF.

This cabinet for combustible chemicals meets the requirements of COSHH, the Health and Safety Executive Guide HSG51, and DSEAR 2002. A GHS COSHH flammable label was affixed to the cabinet to serve as a warning to individuals in the workplace that the cabinet in question is a flammable storage cabinet that may store hazardous liquids, gases, or other combustible items. buy it through a Saudi supplier at the best affordable price in the market.

Flammable Storage Cabinet COSHH Specifications:

Brand Manutan
Material  Steel 
Spill containment capacity 27 Liter
Number of doors  2
Number of shelves  3
Color  Yellow
O/A width  915 mm 
O/A depth  459 mm 
O/A height 1815 mm 
Weight  73 kg 


All units comply with the Highly Flammable Liquids and LPG Regulation 1972, HSG51, and DSEAR 2002.

HSG51: It outlines fire and explosion dangers related to flammable liquids and how to manage them at work.

DSEAR 2002: The Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations 2002 (DSEAR) compel employers to manage fire, explosion, and corrosive material hazards.



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