QARI Islamic wall clock Azan reader PT-50

QARI digital wall clock Features:

  • QARI wall clock has full Azan for all prayers with volume control, prayer timings for most places across the world, and a Digital LCD screen to show Azan time and date. 
  • Easy to set up according to local azan time, by the rear panel switches and a remote control then prayers alarm changes automatically.
  • QARI wall clock has a time display in 12 hours (AM/PM) or 24 hours, a temperature display (Degrees centigrade or Fahrenheit), an automatic daylight-saving time mode, a snooze option (every 5 minutes), and audio out (Connect with speaker).
  • It also shows the time of the sunshine.
  • In addition, the possibility of alarm 15 minutes before the time of every prayer with a quranic verse, and alert 30 minutes before Friday’s prayer.
  • Has a flashing alert feature at the time of every prayer.
  • In the event of a power outage, the digital wall clock keeps time and date information for more than six months


QARI digital wall clock Description:

QARI Digital Islamic AZAN Clock PT-50  is equipped with the latest global technologies that rich over 5000 city choices and more than 20 translations all around the world as well as various Taqweem systems in various countries, to provide you with the most accurate Azan timings everywhere in the world. With adjustable volume control, it can be used as a prayer reminder for all prayers. 

It offers several advantages, including Hijri calendar Gregorian calendar, and Qibla Direction by north. Qur’an in HD Voices of Over 25 Famous Reciters.

Azan time and date include multiple Azan sounds and prayers, with a simple setting.


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