RFS Air valve 1.5 inch model 2W40040

Air valve Features:

  • The Air valve allows excess air to escape while keeping pipeline fluids contained within the pipeline during operation.
  • Also, allows air to escape from the pipes while they are being filled.
  • With direct acting (zero rated) the valve can operate at pressures as low as 0 bar since the solenoid directly activates them and there is no need for a pressure differential between the intake and exhaust ports.
  • A diaphragm structure transmits force to open, close, or control a valve, It is a pressure-responsive, flexible element.
  • Expansion valves are used to control the flow of cooling liquid between a refrigeration system’s high side and low side.
  • Has an encapsulated coil ideal for continuous service and consistent operation.


Air valve Description:

In comparison to designs created by competitors in the market, this solenoid valve has an edge in long-term corrosion resistance and extended operating lifetime because of the use of quality-tested brass materials combined with stainless steel alloys. it can also tolerate high temperatures and pressures while still operating at its best performance. It is widely utilized in a variety of mechanical engineering projects.

Air valve Specifications:

Brand RFS
Product model 2W400-40
Size 1.5 in
Voltage DC 12v 
Material Brass with stainless steel
working capacity Air – Water –  Oil
Working pressure 0-0.7MPa
Working temperature -5~80℃
Application Pneumatic Field

About the Brand:

RFS has 30 years of experience in the manufacture of solenoid coils; Since 2004,  they have been manufacturing solenoid valves and pneumatic actuators; have ISO 9001 and IATF16949 certified.

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