Philips S2 Safety Starter 4-22W


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Philips S2 Safety Starter Features: 

  • Philips S2 Safety Starter comes with a simple design for easy installation and replacement.
  • S2 starters are suitable for 220/240 V, 4-22 W single applications.
  • High reliability with less than 100 early faults per million items and guaranteed 12000 switches.
  • Philips Starter is environmentally friendly as it can be recycled and is devoid of lead and radiation.
  • Automated preheating of the lamp filaments and suitable pulse voltage for extended lamp life.
  • The UV-resistant canister protects against harmful circumstances.
  • It comes with a blue insulation plate to discover lead-free and radioactive-free.

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Philips S2 Safety Starter 4-22W Description:

The S2 safety Starter is made of high-quality materials to be more powerful than cheap starters and ensures trouble-free operations. The Philips Safety Starter provides easy installation with no additional equipment, no irritation, and is easily removed.  It works with various fluorescent lamps brand with conventional electromagnetic ballasts using TL-D (T8), TL (T12), TL mini, and PL-L lamps. And it comes with a slim top, stamped range data, and a depressed pin. Add it now to your cart with the most affordable pricing from  Saudi Supplier.

Philips S2 Safety Starter 4-22W Specifications:

Brand Philips Lighting
Power 4-22 w
Pulse Voltage 800 V
Non Reclosure Voltag 70 V
Voltage 220-240 V
Color blue
Overall Length 40.3 mm
Overall Width 21.5 mm
Capacitor Yes

How to Use:

  1. Grip the starter with your fingers and turn it 1/4 clockwise so you can pull it straight out after it unseats.
  2. Place the new one and spin it 1/4 counterclockwise until it springs into position.

About The Brand:

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Philips Lighting is renowned for its proficiency in the creation, production, and use of cutting-edge (LED) lighting solutions.

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