3M™ SecureFit™ Full Brim Hard Hat H-801SFR-UV, White

3M™ Hard Hat H-801SFR-UV Features

  • A smooth, easy turning ratchet suspension system sits low on the head to reduce pressure.
  • Works with a variety of 3M faceshields, earmuffs, and other accessories
  • The patented suspension system utilises pressure diffusion technology.


3M™ Hard Hat H-801SFR-UV Description

The 3M™ Hard Hat is Flexible and self-adjusting Securefit Pressure Diffusion Technology adapts to the wearer’s head size. The Hard Hat provides more comfort and less pressure for all-day wear. Sizes 6-1/4 to 8 (50-64 cm) for heads

With two degrees of height adjustment, comfort is optimized. has a quality sweatband made of moisture-wicking material that is washable and reusable and is intended to keep employees dry and comfortable.

When it’s time to switch out the hard helmet due to UV exposure, the 3M Uvicator Sensor provides a visible indication.


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