Optima Bluetop® Battery sc31dm

Optima BlueTop Battery Features:

  • The spiral design offers less resistance on the inside, which contributes to excellent efficiency performance.
  • Spill-proof, with no surplus liquid; can be used in any orientation without the fear of liquid leaking out.
  • Never requires water, and since it is sealed, there is no possibility of corrosion occurring on the posts, connections, or wires.
  • A life expectancy is three to four times that of a normal starter battery.
  • More cost-effective than normal batteries throughout the battery’s lifespan.
  • Not susceptible to the vibrations that damage regular batteries.

SAR 1,391.00


Optima BlueTop Battery Description:

The Optima BlueTop Battery is unlike any other battery on the market today. The innovative spiral cell architecture of OPTIMA provides the most advanced technology in producing a robust and clean power source that far outperforms any of today’s loaded lead/acid batteries. with greater battery life in startup and deep cycle applications.

BlueTop battery has SAE Automotive posts as well as 5/16″ threaded studs for simple installation in your boat or RV. It is perfect for powering high electrical loads such as GPS, pumps, and fish finders on boats. Trucks with winches, automobiles with high-demand audio systems, commercial trucks, and other vehicles are also available.

Optima BlueTop Battery Specifications:

Brand Optima
Model D31M
Battery Type BLUETOP
Case Material Polypropylene
Case color Light grey
Color Blue
Height 9.4 in
Width 6.5 in
Length 12.8 in
Weight 27.1 kg
Voltage 12V
Reserve Capacity 155 minutes
Vibration resistance Yes
Works with Boat – RV
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