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    Fill Rite Fuel Transfer Pump with Meter 12Volt DC

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    Fill Rite Fuel Transfer Pump discerption:

    Fill-Rite’s 1200 Series heavy-duty gasoline transfer pumps have a rotating connection box for easy installation and are built to last with cast-iron construction.

    SKU: SP1946220472
  • Fill-Rite 2-35 GPM 4-Digit Digital Chemical Transfer Meter

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       Fill-Rite 2-35 GPM Features:

    • The TT10PN model is a digital chemical transfer metre with 4 digits and low viscosity. This metre has NPT holes and is made to measure between 2 and 35 gallons per minute with an accuracy of +/- 1%.
    • Different types are made of aluminium, polypropylene, and nickel-plated aluminium to work with different fluids.
    • Extreme Accuracy: It can measure fluids to within +/- 1%, so your records will be as accurate as possible.
    • Flexible Use: The in-line design lets you place it at the pump or at the end of the discharge hose. For your convenience, the LCD display can be turned 180 degrees.
    • Complete customization: You can keep track of fluids in any number you make up, in addition to gallons, litres, ounces, pints, and quarts.
    • Ready to use right out of the box. Factory calibrated for over 20 different fluids, so fitting is quick, saving you time and stress.
    • Impact-resistant: The outer rubber boot offers the most protection and impact resistance for tougher uses.
    SKU: SP3385820483
  • Fill-Rite 6-40 GPM 4-Digit Mechanical Fuel Transfer Meter

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    Fill-Rite 6-40 GPM 4-Digit Features:

    • The 901C is a mechanical fuel transfer metre with four digits. This metre has NPT threads and is designed to register 6-40 gallons per minute with an accuracy of +/- 2%. There are no additional installation components included with this model.
    • Designed with nutating disc technology that is capable of removing rust and small debris that clog and damage other metres.
    • Cast-Aluminum Construction – Built to last with cast-aluminum construction that is designed for optimal durability and lifetime corrosion resistance.
    • Extreme Accuracy – measures fuel within +/- 2% accuracy, ensuring that your records are as accurate as possible.
    • Low-Volume Applications – Four-digit counter registers flow rates between 6-40 GPM and up to 999.9 gallons per batch, ideal for large fuel containers on heavy equipment.
    • lifespan Monitoring – A seven-digit, non-resettable counter monitors the total volume transferred over the meter’s lifespan.
    SKU: SP4497520480
  • Fill-Rite FR311VLB 115V/230V 35 GPM Fuel Transfer Pump

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    Fill-Rite Fuel Transfer Pump Features

    • FLEXIBLE POWER INPUT: The dual voltage design lets you choose 115V or 230V AC power with the flip of a switch.
    • RELIABLE AND DURABLE PUMP: The 300 series pumps are made of durable cast iron so they can work in rough environments. Each pump comes with a limited lifetime guarantee.
    • CONSISTENTLY HIGH PERFORMANCE: Fill-Rite pumps in the 300 series are made with Rotary Vane Technology, which keeps the flow performance the same even as parts wear out from use.
    • PROTECTION AGAINST OVERHEATING: The pump was built to meet or exceed the most stringent safety standards in the business. It has thermal overload protection to keep the motor from getting too hot when it is used in an unusual way.
    • FASTER TRANSFERRING: Our AC pump with the fastest fuel transfer rate, 35 GPM, is perfect for filling heavy equipment from stationary storage tanks above ground.
    SKU: SP2774120344
  • Fill-Rite115/230V AC 35 GPM Fuel Transfer Pump with Meter & Nozzle

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    Fill-Rite115/230V Features:

    • The FR311VLB type is a powerful fuel transfer pump with 115/230V AC and 35 GPM. This pump and accessories package comes with a metre, hose, tip and parts for installing the pump.
    • Our most powerful AC pump moves 35 GPM of fuel, making it perfect for filling big equipment from aboveground storage tanks.
    • Cast-Iron Construction: The heavy-duty performance and daily use in high-volume, stationary uses are made possible by the cast-iron construction.
    • Long Life: A thermally protected motor keeps it from getting too hot, so your pump will last for a long time.
    • Flexible Power Input: The dual voltage design lets you turn a switch to choose either 115V or 230V AC power.
    • Limited Lifetime Warranty: We stand behind our product with the best Limited Lifetime Warranty in the business to protect your buy and your business.


    SKU: SP7838720475

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